The past month, I have suffered from terrible allergies, visited my doctor twice, and am under strict medical medication. Due to medical reasons, I have taken a vegetarian diet. Doing research, I came across this rather interesting information.
There are five main types of vegetarians:

1. Semi-Vegetarians aka Flexitarians
Semi-vegetarians limit their intake of either certain types of meat or the amount of meat. For example, they might eat no red or white meat (beef, pork, lamb, game, venison, etc), but eat fowl and fish. Or they might only eat meat once or twice a week. Someone who only eats fish can also be called a pescatarian. (semi-vegetarians are not vegetarians at all.)

2. Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians
The most common type, ovo-lacto vegetarians do not eat any animals, but do eat eggs and dairy products.
* Ovo vegetarians (eat eggs but not dairy)
* Lacto vegetarians (eat dairy but not eggs)

3. Vegans
Vegans eat no animal products – no eggs, no cheese, no dairy, no jelly, no honey, etc. Plus exclude other items wool, silk, leather and some wines.

4. Raw/Living Foodists
Raw or Living Foodists eat only raw food, because enzymes are destroyed by normal cooking processes.

5. Fruitarians
Fruitarians eat only fruit, fruit-like vegetables (e.g., tomatoes, cucumbers), and sometimes seeds and nuts.

It might be very daunting entertaining a vegetarian. They cannot eat anything that was cooked with meat, even if the meat is removed or invisible. For example, vegetable soup made with chicken broth, pizza with ham removed and vegetables cooked in the same pot as a chicken are not acceptable to most vegetarians. In fact, you can make them ill.

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