ImageThe other day I found myself in a foul mood, and could just not understand why.  Chatting with friends did not help much, as I only vented some anger on them (sorry).

When I calmed down, I tried some of their suggestions

Try them out and let me know

There are some days that we feel angry, anxious, or just plain unhappy. Try one of these seven foods to lift your spirits:

  1. Whole Grains. If you’re feeling hungry and angry, try brown rice or beans. How about chocolate?    That is a bean?  With a stretch of imagination, it can become rice?Image
  2. Leafy Greens. For those down in the dumps days.  How about chocolate in a salad?
  3. Turkey. To help calm your anxiety.  You can also try chicken, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds.  Chocolate covered chicken? or chocolate fondue?
  4. Greek Yogurt. Being irritable is no fun for you or anyone around you. Healthy snack foods every 3 or 4 hours will help prevent a drop in your blood sugar. Try some yogurt with berries or almonds and fruit.  Dripped in chocolate?
  5. Black Tea. Stress less by sipping some hot or cold black tea-it. It may also improve your memory and could help get rid of headaches.  Memory?  Who wants those mad memories?  How about Black Chocolate?
  6. Dark Chocolate. For women experiencing PMS symptoms, the flavonoids in dark chocolate may help get rid of crankiness. Just one more reason to treat yourself.  Now you talking my language!!  Yippee!
  7. Fish. To improve your brain health and help you think more clearly, the omega 3s in fish can improve the communication between your brain’s cells. Try salmon, trout, sardines, herring or anchovies.  What?  Communication between my brain cells?  You must be kidding.  Pass me that chocolate slab!

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