Everyone here knows I suffer from bipolar disorder,so my spirituality has a lot to do with to get me through my dark days.Autumn Flower
In this time I’ve been off the blog I’ve been going through a difficult time in relationships and my mental state has been taking a toll on my day to day activities.
I have the privilege of writing for the blog again so there’s definitely a light in my soul.
I have recently had a relationship break up of 6 years. He left with no explanation – my depression went into overdrive.
I felt a pull toward Hinduism, especially Ganesha. I’m not becoming a Hindu but the peaceful nature of this religion gets me through my hard times.
When I stopped writing my mind was in turmoil but getting back to poetry and surrounding myself with my precious stones and dream catchers has brought me back to myself.
I’m currently living on a farm in the Vaal area so tranquility is a step outside the back door. I’m not a cat person but I’m caring for the owners cat and the cat is more dog as it allows me to train it. So I think I was an Egyptian in a previous life.
I’m off- but thank you once again for allowing me to write for you.

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