BuzzzzzzzzAs I sit here, attempting to compose a hopefully not too elaborate introduction about myself, about why I’m sitting here…

I’m known by many names: Franky, animal activist, microbiologist, the forever student, personal trainer, aspiring power-builder, vegan, spiritualist, pagan (wrongfully named by ignorant beings not knowing of better) or witch, cancer survivor, motivational speaker (although I still stand by that I’m only pointing out the facts), miracle…and all are true. When viewing it laid out so objectively it is challenging to imagine how it all could germinate from a single origin. The same goes for my reputation. Someone may speak fondly of me, whereas another may hold a grudge against me and again, all are true. Compartmentalizing my introduction into a ‘Before’, ‘The Event’ and ‘After’ may be more elegant.

IMG_3977I was an average human being, a personal trainer and student who enjoyed the typical things in life: spending time with my furbabies, ‘hitting’ another personal record (PR) and completing studies step by step. Life as I knew it changed abruptly one weekend.

I suffered horrific stomach pain for which no remedy brought relief. I’m told I went to bed a Sunday night and screamed in pain. Rushed to the hospital I was admitted and underwent an emergency operation. (I said I was told, as I have no recollection of these 24 hours). A burst stomach cancer tumor was removed and the damage was contained to the maximum extent. I nonetheless suffered two heart attacks while under and did not awaken until three weeks later…well, not to this realm, in any case. I experienced realms and interacted with beings I can write novels about, but sharing those extraordinary and life changing events would not feel appropriate.

Autumn Nest BuildingMy medical condition was so poor I was kept in a separate ICU unit as nor doctors nor nurses thought I had any chance of survival. Spoiler alert: I did. What I do want to share however, is those ‘three weeks’ (that was in fact four months, if I allow the passing of time according to Otherworldly ‘physics’). I’ve changed in more aspects than I can explore in one lifetime. My way of thinking has been entirely altered. I know just how little we do know. That is the beauty of Life: to be the Eternal Student with the Universe as the Eternal Teacher. I am a proud and ecstatic first-grader who had a productive day at class and is ready to run home and share it with everyone. And that is exactly what I will be doing here: sharing messages and lessons with anyone willing to spend their time of day listening. Lessons about what our souls need, about how to be a happier human being, how to be healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. About the meaning of Life.

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