First of all welcome to our faithful readers. Without you we wouldnt have a platform to write our thoughts down and have it read. This month Im writing about women as it is women`s month after all. Let us start with the married woman that is separated from her husband and is still expected to give him pleasures when he expects it.

Ursula was a successful woman till she met someone that would take some of her worries off her shoulders. She already was a single mom with three kids when she met her second husband. Everything went well for a while but between her husbands job and sports activities things became difficult. Her white knight was developing an ego and she was left at home with the children and he was busy having a life. She started drinking to cope between hes affairs, long hours at work and hes sport. According to him she was invited but hes secretary was always the one accompanying him as her son was also playing soccer. How convenient for the secretary.

Their marriage was going down quickly because her husband was now having an affair with a corporate lady and still had the secretary stroking his ego at work so he didnt care coming home to a wife that was passed out already.

All Ursula did was drink and try to keep her sanity. Maybe she was also contributing to the mess but she had lost her fight. She was giving in to her circumstances. She had money, a car and credit cards but what was that if she was unhappy. Her mental illness started from childhood and through adulthood it didn`t get any better. Her husband was no help regarding her mental stability.

Ursula had to go to rehabilitation centres a few times which really put pressure on the marriage. The eventual outcome was that she was told to leave on her 50th birthday by her husband. He got her a place to stay but now and then if the current woman in hes life wasnt being nice to him he would call her up and go for some fun and return to hes girlfriend.

Hes words to her are that they are still married and so if hes got problems with hes current partner he knows where to go to get some fun because he says Ursula is easy-she never argues. He is currently in a relationship with Olivia for two years. Olivia had no idea that he was still married and that Ursula had to move back to the property due to financial reasons.

The couple cant get divorced as they will lose their property and company. Ursula has moved back to the property they own together though now there is no more sexual relationship between him and Ursula as Olivia wont allow it or he cant use Ursula as Olivia will know about it. Olivia will never know the truth. Olivia is trying to motivate Ursula to stand up to him and her pushy son as they all think she is hard up for them and that she cant make her own decisions.

People always judge the other woman but in this case and many others it is not the other woman who is at fault. In my opinion in this case its the husband that’s has created this big lie. Unfortunately Olivia is not able to move as she is not financially stable and cant support herself at this stage.

My conclusion is that Ursulas husband is controlling that situation but he didnt bank on the two woman becoming allies. I hope that the women in the same situation or worse can also have a strong minded woman in their life like Olivia who is able to help them. Be brave and know there is always someone out there to help you no matter how bad the situation seems.

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