Written by Elsabe Smit

Nope, the circus is not over yet, but the end is in sight.

Have you been injected? A month or two ago I would have wanted to know, but now my question is: does it matter?

This issue has been a tumultuous inner journey that I lived through while watching myself and my response with fascination.

Firstly there was the question of whether I would take the prick. My intuitive decision was no, I have a God-given immune system and I will nourish and cherish it. Does this mean I was and have been all mouth about the illness? On the contrary.

When the circus started, I was working on a contract in Cape Town, and flying up to my home in Pretoria every few weeks. Right before the lockdown started, I took a late-night flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. By the time I got home, my eyes were itching. The next morning I felt like I had pink eyes with all the scratchiness but none of the pink.

During the course of the weekend, I started showing other symptoms such as blocked sinuses, a scratchy throat, fever and muscle aches. I was back in Cape Town late on Sunday evening and feeling like a train wreck. Nevertheless, I went to work on Monday and managed to get through half of the day.

I went home and spent the next four days in bed, feeling worse than ever in my life. Fortunately, my hostess was a medical practitioner, and she gave me antibiotics on the third day. By the end of the week I was back on my feet and grateful for my good health.

Then the lockdown and the fearmongering started. Intuitively the situation made no sense to me.

A few months later, my medical friends put two and two together, and we realised what had been wrong with me. So no, I am not preaching from my ivory tower. I got the germ, fought it and came out stronger.

Then the talk about the poisonous prick took off. I looked at the statistics, and none of the justifications made sense to me. As the facts came out, I disseminated these facts to everyone who wanted to listen – and to many people who avoided me because they disagreed with my fervour. I lost family and friends – not just because they turned their backs on my preaching, but because they experienced their loved ones leaving this earth.

I finally realised that if a person wanted the injection, nothing I would say or do would stop them, and I made peace with that.

When the health consequences of the injections started coming to light and it was all doom and gloom, I intuitively felt that a God of Love would not leave His children completely exposed to the injuries. I knew in my bones that there would be people working on a solution and even a cure for the injuries, especially where people were coerced or fooled into this damage. I wanted to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

I have been doing spiritual and distance healing for years, but somehow, I felt that a part of the puzzle was missing. I kept searching.

I found the missing piece of the puzzle and discovered how I can be part of the solution.

Then two things happened. The first was that when I did any healing – in person or distance healing – the injection status of my client became irrelevant. My focus is now on helping clients to balance the system in their body that needs balancing so that their bodies can heal themselves. That is all that is important. And it is possible because that is how God made us.

The second thing was that I could distinctly feel how my relationship with my clients as well as my healing abilities moved to a higher level. This is one of those things that are not easy to put into words, but I now know in my heart of hearts that the healing energy I have been using for years has intensified to a point that leaves me in awe.

I am incredibly grateful that I have been on this journey, and I am looking forward to every day when I can help a person to activate their own innate healing ability.

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