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New Year Cards – 2022

My topic concerns Cards for the Year Ahead. These symbols suggest themes for the coming year.
Here we have a brand new, shiny year: what might it hold for us? Gifts or gloom? Success or sorrows? Anything could – and probably will – happen.


I know 2021 had some serious ups and downs for a lot of us. And it was brutal to most. I come with a message of hope for 2022. The cards are showing

The Magic Toolbox

Children Story Written by Grazia Martienssen
One day shortly before Christmas, Santa and his elves were so busy…………..

Grottos, Ancient and Modern by Lesley Andrews

A grotto is “a natural or artificial cave used by humans in both modern times and antiquity” (Wikipedia). Grottos are fascinating subjects for a mineralogist – the article below deals with European grottoes, but there are also grottos of a different kind in North Africa and China. Natural grottos are often found near water and […]