I dove into the sea fully clothed, hoping the icy saltwater would strip the pain from my soul. Tears streamed down my face ….

Tribute to My Mom & Dad

I love my parents and I will never stop loving them as if they were still living here on earth and I being …………..

Where Are Our Children

Coming back from hospital where my left foot was amputated I was trying to get in the house up the stairs-I had to go up from behind and on my bottom. Once I got inside it was a battle trying to get into a chair as I wasn`t equipped with paraplegic aides. I took the walker and moved slowly toward the bedroom but on the turn going toward the bedroom I lost footing and fell. My carer was trying to help as much as she could but it was the first day home so we were still trying to find a way to do things. As I lay there tears filled my eyes as I realised that I was alone – where are my sons? Why can`t they be there to pick me up as I picked them up when they were in pain? I finally found myself to the bed, sleep evaded me. I was wondering -who will pick me up when I fall tomorrow again?

When We Get Old by Deborah Jordaan

When we get old by Deborah Jordaan I’m a carer at an old age home and the stories I hear and the things I see makes me wonder why we as parents do so much for our children just to have them put us in a home when they can’t cope with us anymore. As always it’s a generalised opinion as not all families put their parents there to get them out of the way.