The Crystal Shop

Not JUST Crystals!

The Crystal Shop hosts stock

Not only will you find crystals and crystal kits, but you will also find goodies from various Exhibitors:

  • Beautiful journals and notebooks that make ideal gifts
  • Selection of Incense, incense holders, burners, oils, statuettes, Himalayan salt lamps, gongs and bells
  • Ideal gifts of zodiac printed coffee mugs
  • Have sweet dreams with Dream Catchers
  • Heal your body as you build your immune system with Colloidal Silver
  • Cleanse your home with imphepho, Palo Santo, sprays, home protection and blessing kit
  • Selection of statuettes: Buddha, angels, goddess and more
  • Excellent selection of crystals rough and polished
  • A few tarot cards and pendulums

Anything your Heart desires

The Crystal Shop in Bothasig is a home shop as the garage has been converted into a market – hosting all your favourite exhibitors’ products …. Something for everyone!

Browse through our diverse home shop full of candles, crystals, incense, singing bowls, pendulums, journals, herbs, salts, Himalayan salt lamps, Buddhas, dream catchers, zodiac mugs and more!

We stock:

  • Colour and white candles to suit every occasion
  • Rough and polished crystals
  • Crystal kits – for special occasions
  • Cleansing kits – complete with instructions
  • Gift packs – make ideal gifts for loved ones
  • White sage, Palo Santo, Imphephu to cleanse your home
  • Excellent range of incense and accessories
  • Attract harmony with singing bowls
  • Cleanse your air with Himalyan salt lamps
  • Light up your room with fairy lamps
  • Exquisite buddhas and statuettes
  • Be dazzled as you adorn yourself with exquisite unique crystal jewellery
  • Crystals from small to large are available
  • New and pre-loved tarot decks, books and CDs
  • Rune stones with instructions
  • Remove negative energy with organite pyramids
  • Pendulums for scrying
  • Dream Catchers for peaceful sleep
  • Printed coffee mugs
  • A range CBD Care Products
  • Channel Divine Light with your own special Wand