My Life Story

Christo shares his life story the ups and downs of his experiences from childhood to adulthood

Mother’s Day by Grazia Martienssen

Mother’s Day. Mother’s Month. May month always reminds me of my own mom. The life she led, the sacrifices and courage she undertook. Leaving her own beloved country to live in a strange new world.

“Lost in Translation” Grazia Martienssen

“Lost in Translation” Language problems can be frustrating however, when you look back you can have a good laugh. My mom used to tell a story about a time when she wanted to buy a broom, and my paternal auntie who had been in South Africa for a few years already, had told her it […]

Baby Brother

“Baby brother” April 1967: My mom went into hospital to have a baby. I already had 2 younger brothers and 2 older male cousins next door; it was time for a sister. However, when my mom phoned from the hospital, I was told that I had another baby brother instead. “No Fair” “A brother? Noooo, […]


We have all watched those movies, you know the one where disaster strikes and the world as we know it changes overnight. We’ve watched in disbelief as people carry on their daily routine, catching the bus, eating the ice cream while behind them a wall of water is crashing into the city, wiping out buildings and sweeping cars aside like dust balls from beneath the sofa. We sat and silently wondered how they could not see that coming. But the truth of it is, we know what’s coming because the movie title gave it away.