Miang Kham

Miang kham (or “mieng kham”, miang kam, miang kum, Thai: เมี่ยงคำ, IPA: [mîəŋ kʰam]) is a traditional snack from Thailand and Laos (Lao: ໝ້ຽງ Lao pronunciation: [mȉaːŋ]). In Thailand, it is often sold in the street, the ingredients separately wrapped in small plastic bag. In Laos and Thailand, the preparation is particularly popular at festivals […]

Date Paste

This is a very simple but energy booster. Ingredients 1 Packet pitted dates (or same amount in fresh dates 1 teaspoon honey Warm water to soak dates Method Cover dates with warm water, just cover, leave at least an hour, Drain, but keep water, If dates are not pitted, do so now In blender add […]