ImageFor many people a habits of drinking coffee is a pleasure that can not be compared with anything else. But coffee has its own magical benefits, but also dangerous defects that depend on the amount of coffee we consume in a daily basis. Find out how the number of cups of coffee can affect your body, health and your mood.

1 cup per day
Advantages: A cup of coffee a day regulates the amount of blood pressure and has a positive effect on the blood vessels. Coffee is an excellent antioxidant and stimulates brain activity.

Disadvantages: A cup of coffee is enough to disrupt your sleep and keeps you awake at night because it takes up to 8 hours for caffein to completely disappear from the body. Avoid the afternoon coffee and enjoy the morning ritual.

2 cups per day
Advantages: This amount of coffee on a daily basis is an excellent prevention against Alzheimer’s disease and so because of that dose of caffeine increases the amount of protein in the brain that affects memory loss. Drinking two cups of coffee a 30 minutes before strenuous activity will give your body a great deal of energy.

Disadvantages: Two cups of coffee during pregnancy are too large doses of caffeine because it affects the production of hormones cortisol and adrenaline which can cause spontaneous abortion.

3 cups per day
Advantages: Three cups of coffee a day prevents the formation of ovarian cancer in women. This amount of this black drink has also a positive effect on men because it prevents the formation of gall stones.

Disadvantages: This dose of coffee on a daily basis due to large amounts of caffeine increases the risk of heart attack.

4 cups per day
Advantages: Four cups of coffee contains about 400 milligrams of caffeine which is a very powerful antioxidant that ‘clean’ the body and helps in the fight against various forms of cancer, prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes

Disadvantages: Large amount of coffee a day can lead to rheumatoid arthritis and cause nervousness and nausea.

5 cups per day
Benefits: Research has shown that drinking five cups of coffee a day significantly prevents liver disease.

Disadvantages: Five cups of coffee daily may increase risk factor for osteoporosis because caffeine absorbs calcium, which is very important for the bones.

6 cups per day
Advantages: Drinking six cups of coffee may reduce risk of skin cancer by as much as 31 percent for coffee because as an antioxidant protects and regenerates skin cells.

Disadvantages: Large amounts of coffee can lead to dehydration because coffee is a very powerful diuretic. It may also cause nausea and increase stress and cause high blood pressure which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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