angel wings

Angel wings
wings of pure white lace
stretching toward heaven
up, far up in the sky
what if heaven is deep
very deep within ourselves?

There it is – inside me
inside my soul, inside your soul

Why do I drain my soul’s life and energy
if I can choose heaven as my soul’s residence?
I want to choose heaven for my soul to live in:
Light, white, pearl

What is the colour of light really?
Is it the shine on teeth that smiles at you?
Is light in the creases around smiling eyes?
Maybe light is in touch
doesn’t matter if it is human or animal
it’s in touch

Light is in the glint of the eye of your loved one
Or even a stranger you connect to
in an instant
where souls touch
quite unexpectedly

Light is everywhere
in everything
in everyone
Just notice it

Tanja Joubert
24 February 2015

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