Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful souls in literature land. Today I am going to write on a subject that might seem insulting to some but hopefully, it can give someone something to contemplate about.

Many years ago when animals used to be wild and free humans decided they need to domesticate animals like dogs, cats or any animal for that fact. The dog comes from the wolf, a gorgeous animal. They are wild and they make a difference to the environment. In Yellowstone Park, they introduced a wolf pack and it made an amazing difference.

The animals all started to migrate and run from the wolf which made a change in rivers because the animals then had to run, fish could continue to spawn and bring more fish into the ecosystem. With the animals not moving they were eating all the fish thereby not giving the fish time to spawn. The buffalo and caribou migrated which caused the vegetation to grow with them moving around. The other animals also started migrating and soon the ecosystem was becoming what it should be.

Then the human came and decided they want a dog or any small animal and they put it in a handbag. BANG – problem.

That poor pet or animal doesn`t know what IS HAPPENING. Now the mere sight of a mouse or insect terrifies them, there are no such things in a handbag. Imagine putting a wolf in a bag. You, humans, are mollycoddling these dogs which come from the wolf and wild dog. You are taking away their ability to be an amazing animals by clothing them and putting them in your tote bag.

Cats must hunt but once again the human takes a room in their house and makes a room just for the kitty that according to them is suffering outside. Cats will find a spot to snuggle. Cats come from tigers, panthers and all the big cats of the wild. The lion isn`t going to come up to you and want to climb into your handbag unless you had him as a baby and never let him back to his kind.

Yes, there are animal sanctuaries but they allow the animals to be wild but also protected. There is nothing wrong with protecting an animal, just give them space to be what their species was born to do.

Exotic animals don`t belong in a basement but once again the nurturing human puts them there. Eventually, animal protection services get called in and the animal has to be rescued because some stupid human thought they could take care of the animal because their money can buy anything. Rather put your money to good use and donate to conservation.

How about if aliens did exist? Maybe they would keep us as pets and see what stupidity we get up to. I love animals but I would rather see them being who they are supposed to be and not in a cage or handbag.

There are conservationists that understand animals and how to save them. They are brilliant but not the person who goes out and buys a Gucci handbag just so they can put their Chihuahua dog in there that cost the price of a car because it was bred for a bag.

If you want a handbag dog or cat go to TOYS R US there are many fur babies there. I love unicorns, but I`m not going to go stick a horn on a goat or horse and keep it in my lounge.

My apologies if I sounded insulting to anyone, it wasn`t my intention. If you watch animal hoarders on television you might agree with me that some humans are in fairyland and by saving them hundreds of animals in their home they are harming themselves and the poor animal.

So next time before you grab your bag and your pooch think how you would feel if the alien stuck you in a suitcase.

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  1. Hi I agree with you totally on almost everything, except cats. In my neighbourhood cats are often poisoned and then there is the problem of them killing wildlife. I have cats who are not free roaming for these reasons, they do have a catio so they can enjoy the outside and some of the windows have window boxes for them as well.
    I believe we are custodians to all animals and also they are not ours to eat, wear, use for entertainment etc. Wrt Gucci bags, people use a bag made from a dead animal to put a live animal in. Like horse riding and leather saddles, you put a dead animal on a live animal, makes no sense.

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