Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful souls in literature land. We are blessed to have you read our stories. We all have change in our cars or at home, what do we do with it?

There are millions of rands laying in the world, so if we distribute the change to people like car guards, waiters, paraplegics and people in need there is already a difference in their lives.

Instead of the money laying around it is going to be used functionally to assist these people. The change will eventually end up in retail stores which in turn will bank it which will help the banks get the money back.

By changing the peoples perception of not hoarding change or thinking it doesnt have much value we can change many lives. The person receiving the change goes to shop which in turn the owner banks the money and middle-class people can then take loans at the bank for what they need.

Not everyone has the same need. The car guard could need bread and milk. The paraplegic could use it toward saving for medical aides. The waiter could need it for student fees etc.

It can create employment, for example, by giving a freelancing carwash person change for washing a car he, in turn, hires someone to help wash more cars. That in itself creates employment.

There are many scenarios I can use in context to this subject but it all comes down to the generosity of people that can give out money.

Imagine if radio stations could be used as a platform for collecting change from their listeners monthly even if it were just a five rand – each radio station has a certain amount of listeners, so whatever these people collect goes back into their community being SPCA, old aged homes, child care centres and small businesses. It is almost like the lotto but a broader variety of people will be receiving funds which will be managed by the radio station. The radio station can keep five percent for administration which will pay a new person to be employed to do just that.

The 94.7 radio station said they have about 1.2 million listeners, now imagine each of them donating 5 rand. That is 6 million rand per month. We pay more than that a month on taxes but we still see poverty and unemployment where our change will definitely be making a change that will be benefiting the poverty stricken.

There are hundreds of radio stations worldwide. They can all make a difference without using their funds coming from advertising on their radio station.

So by moving money from a piggy bank to a cubbyhole to bottles at home to people that are trying to assist us on the street and elsewhere we are creating wealth mentality in the world. Be blessed and please bless someone with the change you have in your pocket.

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