She sits on her chair, she has covered her ears blocking out ………………………

Disillusionment and Hope

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us. All our role models have failed us.


Authority comes in many forms. In general, we can say that authority is a body or person with authority. For example, we can think of politicians, the police, the municipality, a professor, your GP or any other person to whom we attribute expertise that we do not have ourselves.

The Craziness of Fear by Elsabe Smit

Let me start off by reminding you that fear is an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. Look around you. What is your current reality? Why do you allow this to be your current reality? We both know the answer: fear. Fear of the future – which doesn’t even exist yet, because we are here […]

Speaking a Truth that Hurts by Karin Kelly Lawrenz (Transformation Coach)

Mustering the Courage to Give Direct Feedback Is it helpful?Is it necessary?Is it kind? Whether you are typically cautious or assertive when it comes to stating your opinions without being asked, it is likely you shy away from telling a friend, colleague or family member something that you fear could hurt. We are humans who […]