written by Elsabe Smit

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us.

All our role models have failed us. This is a time when dis-ease is at the forefront of most people globally – because a small group of evil being have created and let loose the most destructive dis-ease you can imagine, namely fear. Medical doctors that stand up to this farce put their lives in danger, and often experience not only the risk, but the reality of losing their livelihood. Imagine that you swore an oath to “first cause no harm”, only to then be instructed to not treat people for a condition that is 100% treatable and with a recovery rate of 99.9%? What would you do? I have friends who are some of the most brilliant medical professionals that you can imagine, and they voluntarily took a poisonous injection – because that is what the god of medical science instructed them to do. I now have the prospect of losing them to premature death.

Can we take the culprits to court? We can try – in my country an advocate did just that. He took the government to court for falsely imposing regulations that cannot be justified from any angle in maritime law, and he won the case. On top of that, the government did not even bother to appeal, and therefore solidly lost the case. It is a year later, and the main-stream media as well as the entire government are still ignoring the findings of the court. There are still court battles and appeal upon appeal, but this is now a game of monopoly – we will fight to the bitter end, because we don’t yet understand that we can simply walk away and that is the end of the game. If you follow the legal rules of those who created and use those rules to their advantage, you might as well spend the money on going to the casino and playing one-armed bandits. You will have the same chance of winning and you will have a lot more fun.

The next option is to go to church and pray to God. I discovered that the religious leaders are doing nothing to have their churches reopened, because part of their training requires them to not challenge earthly authority (the government). That government is in fact a corporation that has been allowed for decades and even centuries to over-extend their reach in their favour.

And praying to God without the middleman? Is that not for bunny huggers who have a God-complex? I am afraid I proudly fall in this category. Most of my life has been an uphill battle of proving that God did not make a mistake when He created this psychic and let her reincarnate into a Christian protestant cult. I had to work hard to find my way out, and I left many loved ones behind because they firmly believe that I do not believe in God. They could not be more wrong.

My God is a God of Love, and that is why the current purging and cleansing of evil is happening.

Over years I made many friends and came to know my spiritual brothers and sisters who in dark times helped me retain my sanity and helped me understand that I am part of a global tribe of people who understand their spiritual connection to God.

Imagine how I feel nowadays when these members of my spiritual family fall by the wayside one after the other, because they simply do not listen to the Voice of God when then accept the poisonous prick. I had to make peace with the fact that they are following their own paths, and it is not for me to judge or convince them otherwise. For a long time I have been quite vocal about the dark forces behind the instructions that so-called religious people are following to the letter. I had to part ways with organisers of holistic events who were more scared of the (illegal and unlawful) retribution of the law than of the Love of God when they arranged events. I saw spiritual friends fall by the wayside when they were overwhelmed with fear and gave in to the pressure on them to conform.

I am still standing. Why? God showed me a vision earlier this year that I can only describe as “a new dawn” where people did an etheric dance in the most beautiful scene that was only slightly marred by the black blobs of robots that had fallen over. At various times over the past few years God gave me clear instructions and promises that made no sense to me at the time, but now they are coming to fruition one after the other.

God is Love, and God has won this war. I must deal with the heartache of losing people and seeing people’s true colours. I must live with knowing that following my heart and communing with God with every thought, word and deed is the only way for me. And I am one of thousands of trailblazers – in this world and the next. Namaste.

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