Quality of Life

This week I’m writing about the quality of life and how people all have different views on the subject.

Me Time-Myth or Reality

The highlight of my day is when I leave the back door and see my beautiful garden. I then start my work for the day and I hope that I can eventually …………

A Tulip, that’s Me…

Humanity has a lot to learn, which is why we are here on Earth. We have to wake up from the dream, the illusion, become aware, know that we are …………..

Macro vs Micro – Global Dust Bunnies

Micro and macro, the small and the big of it. Very often the world we live in mirrors the world within. The world (macro) we are living in now is a hive of ………..


When the world outside our consciousness feels too heavy to bear, from pain or anxiety and even through anger, we tend to hold our breath as if awaiting on external forces to reset the situation. In that moment, without conscious thought we are actually holding on, holding in, and holding fast to the very thing that is …………….