written by Vanessa Anderson

While I was vacuuming dust bunnies, fur and lost hairs from the corners of my in my home – it suddenly struck me. I was contemplating a particular situation the details of which are both secular and complex, an inner turmoil with roots grounded in exclusion and isolation and something I have been researching bubbled to the surface. It is the concept of the micro and the macro. In the natural order of things there is an organisation of things, a sacred geometry that appears in the micro and mirrored in the macro. (There is a fantastic series called “What on Earth Happened” that offers some great examples of this in our world today – still on Youtube).

For example – and it is a very literal example for a reason. The hexagonal compound eye structure of bees (micro) mirrored in the honeycomb structures (macro) within their hives.

Does the how of how they see, impact the how of how they build?

Interesting thought – but I digress.

Micro and macro, the small and the big of it. Very often the world we live in mirrors the world within. Which brings me back on point.

The world (macro) we are living in now is a hive (see what I did there?) of activity that in recent years has been driven to almost a frenzy. Panic, fear, dissent, confusion, chaos…

Inside us all (micro) we find ourselves recently alone, distrustful and confused.

So in my contemplation around narcissism and abusive relationships, it occurred to me that what we are currently witnessing around the world at the moment is an absorption of the macro sphere (the global reactions and game plans that have been set in motion) into our micro sphere (our personal relationships and belief systems). In my experience, this is where I fear many people are currently, unknowingly, victims of narcissistic relationships both in personal relationships, friendships etc and likewise with their organisations and yes, even their governments.

So what exactly led me to this conclusion, well here are some typical manipulation tactics that can affect our belief systems. I am leading you on a though trail directed at our current situation, simply because I believe many may not even be aware of the parallels. It remains yours to dissect.

• In an attempt to persuade you to a particular position, the manipulator will bring in a mutually supportive participant. This person agrees with me, therefore I must be right. (Triangulation)

Examples: Trust the Science (Science is universally accepted, – no argument there – if I speak for Science you cannot question me, to question me is to question Science)

• Also known as the Mandela effect, we tend to remember things in a slightly different way. This leads us to doubt what actually happened and therefore accept a different truth.

Example: They never said that it would stop transmission or prevent serious illness…….

Yes, yes in fact they did. There are countless documented interviews and even marketing information stating these very promises. (Gaslighting)

• As the world sat in terror, awaiting an apocalyptic wave of disease, we got offered a life raft, a solution. A solution that proved inadequate and when its failure was apparent and it started to lose its following as fast as it was losing its efficacy, we were introduced to;

For example: Boosters. Come back, let us try again, we promise it will be different this time. (Hoovering)

• In a world of disconnect, where wars are rife and hatred feeds like an impoverished famine, the world awakens and scores of people rise to reclaim their sovereignty. United for humanity, there is a humble surge of love, a fever broken that should render us all in awe.

Yet is it met with silence. A calculated, methodical and deafening silence that is meant to perpetuate your feelings of isolation. (The silent treatment)

• Don’t look up, I am your friend not your enemy, look around you to the others, the ones who don’t comply, the ones who question. They are dangerous, they spread dis ease for the common goal. (Scapegoating)

• Hesitancy, a slow uptake, riddled with scepticism for a golden solution. Your reluctance to embrace the Science will result in the failure of our efforts. (Passive aggression)

Do any of these things feel familiar to you?

Like a dull aching sensation you have grown accustomed to, a security blanket you cannot shake and yet you are starting to feel confronted with at every turn.

Make no mistake the impact of the macro on our micro and vice versa.

In our designed isolation grew the seeds that have driven dissent into our conversations. Let us break that silence.

The best of us, the empathic, trusting, honest people became ardent supporters of the macro, reinforcing its message, watering the seeds, nurturing the dissent and internalised the war – unknowing victims.

Let us break that silence. What are we afraid of, if we have been wrong I pray it is not too late to take a different path.

I never anticipated the weighty task of housekeeping. A dust bunny in a corner of my mind drawn into the tubular vacuum. Discard it as you will or offer it a place to mull in a dark void for a while until it makes sense to you.

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