A Tincture for the Soul

There are times when we all feel like we want the world to stop for a moment, just so we can breathe again, think again, feel again – without watching……………….

A Tulip, that’s Me…

Humanity has a lot to learn, which is why we are here on Earth. We have to wake up from the dream, the illusion, become aware, know that we are …………..

Ebb and Flow of Life by Vanessa Anderson

In the beginning we were connected, rooted within communities in which every member of that society had a purpose, a place and a gift it honoured its collective membership with. There were the protectors, the teachers, the gatherers and the collectors of truth and all were welcomed at the feast and each had their story to share, the old and the young alike and those who wove words threaded a fabric that clothed their past and guided the path to come.

When You Are Ready by Michael Edward Bradford

When You Are Ready by Michael Edward Bradford

When you are ready
Your life will begin to change
And the past, with all its hurts, pains
And disappointments will gently melt away.

When you are ready
Your confusion, resistance, fears, and doubts will dissipate
And your desire for freedom will grow
Beckoning you to fully embrace the real you.

Who’s to blame? by Ada Den Hollander

You are still youngnot in years, butat heart.You love your life,you’re free to walk,go out,to dance, to laugh,to sometimes cry,you live!But then all hell breaks loose.Chaos in the world,chaos in your head.The streets empty,your freedom gone.No knock on your door,no coffees with friends,no hugs are allowed.Slowly but surelyyour zest for life disappears.You don’t dare to […]