When you are ready
Your life will begin to change
And the past, with all its hurts, pains
And disappointments will gently melt away.

When you are ready
Your confusion, resistance, fears, and doubts will dissipate
And your desire for freedom will grow
Beckoning you to fully embrace the real you.

When you are ready
Your mask, your survival kit, will no longer be needed
And the true you, the authentic you,
Will gingerly peek out seeking the light of life.

When you are ready
Your pride, looking good, and being right will no longer matter
For your desire for truth, connection and spirit
Will awaken and fill you.

And when you are ready
Your vision will clear and you will know, beyond the shadow of a doubt
The gift that you already are.
It is time, beloved being of light, to ignite and shine bright!

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