O Great Force of Love Divine make me an instrument of your peace, even if it requires expressing my power – and stirring up trouble
Where there is upset, let me bring wisdom – knowing that upset is actually an invitation to heal
Where there is hatred, let me bring love especially self-love – as it is secretly myself I hate most
Where there is discord, let me bring unity by not seeing separation – in me or the cosmos
Where there is judgement let me access stillness – knowing that as I embrace what is, I give permission to the holy flow of life
Where there is error let me bring truth – not a convenient truth but raw love-driven honesty
Where there is desire let me not judge wanting – but remember that desire is the Soul tapping on the window of my life
Where there is doubt let me bring faith, especially that everything done serves a higher purpose
Where there is despair let me bring hope, a holy energy that changes ones relationship with life

Oh great and Infinite Wisdom let me seek not to always be focused on the ‘I’, rather to see and speak to the ‘we’
Let me seek not to be understood but to understand that this crazy world is an illusion and to the extent that I know I am dreaming is the extent to which consciousness is raised
Let me seek not to be loved but rather to express the love that I truly am
For it is in giving that one becomes one with the abundance of the universe
And it is in self forgetting that one finds the true connection with you O Love Divine
(And oh Lord, please let this go viral.)

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