I Learnt

Do not allow anyone to steal that which you value. Do not allow anyone to cloud your thoughts about ……

Inspired by St Francis of Assisi Prayer by Catherine Glennie

O Great Force of Love Divine make me an instrument of your peace, even if it requires expressing my power – and stirring up troubleWhere there is upset, let me bring wisdom – knowing that upset is actually an invitation to healWhere there is hatred, let me bring love especially self-love – as it is […]

The Gift of Fear by Karin Kelly Lawrenz

Fear, after all, has allowed humans and the rest of our mammalian family to survive eons, to survive unspeakable dangers. At its core, fear protects life. It fights for life. Many think it is a life-stopping emotion, but think of the many times fear has kept you or those you love safe. Think of the times it has ….

Energy of Number 6

The number 6 vibrates to the energies of ownership, possessions and material wealth, love of home and family, care of others and nurturing, empathy and sympathy, responsibility and selflessness, provision and providing for the self and others. Number 6 signifies the need for stability in all aspects of your life. The message of Number 6 […]