by Leo

No, the heading doesn’t mean I’m going to write about greeting cards for the New Year.

My topic concerns Cards for the Year Ahead. These symbols suggest themes for the coming year.

Here we have a brand new, shiny year: what might it hold for us? Gifts or gloom? Success or sorrows? Anything could – and probably will – happen.

One thing I always do, at the beginning of the year, is work out the Year Card for our planet. What does this mean? By adding the numbers of the year, in this case: 2 + 0 +2 +2, total = 6/VI …. The Lovers card. So 2022 will be a card overseen by Card VI/Lovers.

What might the implications be? A year of universal love? Hardly likely, given the divisive nature of international affairs. For instance, look at the recent uproar over the Djokovic Aussie visa! Hardly a loving start, to say the least.

We can consider the qualities embodied by the card from The Cat People deck. It suggests partnerships, and love between couples. As you can see in the picture below.

The Wild Unknown deck gives an illustration of perfect harmony, creatures working in sync, where the opposing elements of Ying and Yang work together beautifully.

Yet another example, this time from the Voyager deck, shows Brancusi’s famous statue of The Lovers standing in a close embrace, in a garden. Suggestive of natural innocent love in a garden, Paradise perhaps.

Here are just a few examples of the many Tarot images of the Lovers card. But how might we apply these qualities to a global situation?

Maybe during the coming year we can actively work at promoting loving harmony, balanced decisions , and cultivating love in our own small, personal worlds. In view of the pandemic and climate change, to mention two major current issues, the world certainly needs every atom of loving harmony we can donate.

Over to you! Wishing the world a loving, peaceful year.

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