What awaits us in 2022

Taking a peep to see what 2022 has in store for us, I drew 3 tarot cards and 3 runes. This is what they say ……..

New Year Cards – 2022

My topic concerns Cards for the Year Ahead. These symbols suggest themes for the coming year.
Here we have a brand new, shiny year: what might it hold for us? Gifts or gloom? Success or sorrows? Anything could – and probably will – happen.

Your Power Lies Within!

2+0+2+2 = 6
This number reflects balance, love, health, healing.
It is about relationships, re-inventing yourself, about foundations and hope.
If you put the work in, you reap the rewards.
Establish your place in the world, be more self-reliant, feel more comfortable in yourself.
Truth at the fore.

Astrology Readings for New Year 2022

As we close our eyes and say goodbye to 2021, there are a few colourful themes we are taking into our 2022 New Year Saturn square Uranus has been a prominent energy in 2021, this will carry into 2022, with one last peak in the third quarter.