Written by Olivia Britz

Do not allow anyone to steal that which you value. Do not allow anyone to cloud your thoughts about anyone or anything. Lean hard on your heart’s honesty and learn to discipline the mind for it is the mind and not the heart which causes us the hurt. The heart is the true centre being of love. Do what makes your heart happy. Spend time tending to your heart so that it may be your own happy space and place.

Seek comfort in the Lord, spend time with God and look out for the signs of the life that God wants for you. Do not chase after man and material things, instead find the glory that God has provided and seek refuge in that.

Give no power to man to control your happiness and your moods.

Stand firm like an oak and do not flutter in the breeze by an opinion of one who does not know the true content of your heart.

Become strong and exercise your own discernment. Be your true self, self-reflect and grow strong in the perfect soul that you are – loved exactly as you are.

Be okay with that, while growing to love yourself each day.

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