Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day, people of the universe. I know I have been out of action for a while, but life happened, and I fell off my literary bus. Today, I am writing about how to be a friend and a companion because, lets face it, I am currently a good friend and companion.

I have experienced friendship faux pas in the past months—backstabbing and all. It led me to the realization that maybe some of my friends need to understand what they mean to me.

Tough love can take many forms, even with friends. When someone boasts about the number of years in our friendship, I can’t help but wonder what they’ve contributed to our connection.

For a friendship, regardless of gender, to last many years, there must be give and take.

Don’t call me only when your life sucks!

Often, we mistake acquaintances for friends just because they agree with us. Many people confuse acquaintances with friendship, especially on social media sites where a simple like can turn someone into a friend.

Being a friend doesn’t mean you have to agree with all my choices. As friends, we should be able to criticize without judgment. Sometimes, strangers do more for us than our friends.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends; they could be your saviour.

Now, companionship is like a dog—loyalty, friendship, commitment, understanding, good behaviour, playfulness, and affection. From a human perspective, it involves assistance, not only financially but also sharing ideas and communicating in a non-confrontational manner.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever; it’s not always a romance novel. When partners’ quirks set in, romance might go out the window. Accepting these quirks lovingly turns you into a companion, as you embrace them for who they are.

Then there’s comradeship—no jealousy, envy, judgment, no time frame, no financial strain. You can be male and female friends without the romantic factor. No expectations of a fantasy life; your comrade is there when the rest of the world has stepped out. Comradeship includes all of the above and more.

In conclusion, the best relationship, to me, is a balance of all emotions without expectation—being both a companion and a comrade. It’s about loving and respecting each other, no matter the situation.

I’m glad to be back, sharing my thoughts. May the universe grant you abundance, and may your relationships bring you love and understanding.

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