How to be a Friend and Companion

For a friendship, regardless of gender, to last many years, there must be give and take. Don’t call me only when your life sucks! Often, we mistake acquaintances for friends just because …..

Who’s to blame? by Ada Den Hollander

You are still youngnot in years, butat heart.You love your life,you’re free to walk,go out,to dance, to laugh,to sometimes cry,you live!But then all hell breaks loose.Chaos in the world,chaos in your head.The streets empty,your freedom gone.No knock on your door,no coffees with friends,no hugs are allowed.Slowly but surelyyour zest for life disappears.You don’t dare to […]

Fear not my Child… by Kim Michelle Hewitt

Lemon cake was Patunia’s favourite and Proteas certainly always made her smile. The way that each individual part of the flower is formed to perfection and how it fits in and yet seems too advanced for this world somehow. She greeted her friend with glee. Lia was handing out small gifts to all her friends, […]

Creating Gratitude by Elsabe Smit

Is it possible to create gratitude rather than just feel it momentarily? Yes, it is. Let me explain. The Universe is in complete balance – from the largest global pandemic to the smallest sub-atomic particle. That is how everything was created. We tend to forget about this incredibly beautiful balance when we get stuck in […]

Re-Parent your Inner Child – by Karin Kelly Lawrenz

Karin Kelly Lawrenze, Transformation Coach.
Karin has spent the past decade coaching, mentoring, motivating people and executives. Her practical, no-nonsense advice and life strategies provide tangible results and skills that help people push through the everyday challenges we all face in life, work, and love.