You’re a smart, well-rounded person, right?

So why is it you keep making the same poor choices over and over again? Why do relationships in your life suffer because of poor communication? Why do you sometimes feel as though you have no control in your life? It could be because your inner child is in the driver’s seat, and if you’ve ever seen a six-year-old drive, well, that says it all.

Our inner child is part of us. It is us at one point in our life physically and spiritually the inner child is still there. But even though we grow up physically, a part of us still remains that child.

Inner childThis can be good in terms of play, fun, and just looking at life with the wonder of a child, but when our little inner child is in the driver’s seat making life decisions that children have no business making, that’s a whole other story. The choices, decisions not becoming in alignment with our higher self.

Fear, anger, and jealousy are just a few of the simple ways our inner child can sabotage us without meaning to. Addiction and other dangerous behaviours are some of the more serious issues attributed to allowing the inner child to make adult decisions. Once you can identify whether or not your inner child is in charge, you can begin to change the behaviour and patterns that are keeping you from creating the life and relationships you want and deserve.

You ask the question, “very well – I realise and recognise it was my inner child making those choices. Now how does that solve my pattern”.

I am going to use an analogy with you. When you go to a clothing store and purchase an item of clothing which has a pleat/crease ironed in. You can wash the item but the crease will remain. To get the crease out it takes quite a bit of ironing over a period to get it out.

We take this analogy and look at our lives. We have imprints (creases) from foetus already, so how do we remove them? Allot of ironing. We change our thought patterns by doing daily exercises, we work on healing ourselves or transforming our lives. And yes, our journey will continue until it is time to say farewell.

Allow me to tell you how I came face to face with my inner child.

​I was taken through a guided meditation from foetus stage going into each age group.

When having this conversation, I had to talk to the childlike me and imprinting which was done being it negative believes, negative programming, how to love and not to love, fears of rejection, being screamed at. All the negative believes that was imposed on us as babies and children.

I had to advise little Karin on how to get along in this life to survive and come out beautiful, courageous, confident with no self limiting beliefs and authentic, with the knowledge I have today I had to talk to little Karin.

You need to understand that a lot of what we are today and our core values is based on other people’s beliefs of who we are and whereby we have taken it upon ourselves as our own beliefs. I write about this very thing in the first chapter of my book which will be coming out the first half of next year.

Please remember that your inner child is a real part of your sub-conscious mind – a wounded child who needs your love, care and compassion.

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