God Resides in Everyone

Where are the days of brotherhood
In God above the fatherhood
When we look around, we …………

Is the Time Right Yet?

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world. Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside? Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything ….

Disillusionment and Hope

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us. All our role models have failed us.

Listen and Do by Elsabe Smit

This is a time to get straight to the point. The world – not just South Africa – is dithering precariously on the precipice, and it is up to each one of us how we deal with this situation.
We are heading for a showdown between good and evil. Who will win? I saw a video not so long ago where a participant in a debate stated that the outcome of the current madness is predestined by God, and God never loses. That truly hit me between the eyes and in my heart.
God never loses.