Astrologer : Nicky Hill
Contact: 084-654-2026

Astrologer: Nicky Hill
Contact: 084-654-2026

Astrology Readings for New Year 2022

First Quarter

Phosphene ( n ) – The stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes

As we close our eyes and say goodbye to 2021, there are a few colourful themes we are taking into our 2022 New Year

Saturn square Uranus has been prominent energy in 2021, this will carry into 2022, with one last peek in the third quarter.

Saturn is the planet of time, routine, institutions, lessons.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, breakthroughs, and inventions.

As you can imagine, the clash between these planets can be almost grating, the push and pull between order and disruptions.

We also enter into 2022 with Venus in Capricorn (in retrograde) this will nudge us to get down to basics. Perhaps remembering past loves/wounds – or being confronted by them.

But analysing these in a grounded, earthy way.

Ready to heal and move forward.

On the 5 Jan, Venus will sextile with Neptune in Pisces. A chance for a deep soul-look at ourselves and put out intentions on the partnership we would like to create.

To add to this intensity, craving change and closure of the past – we take with us a very exciting transit with us into 2022.

Jupiter into Pisces (his home kingdom!)

⁃ bringing the promise of good luck, good fortune and abundance

A beautiful tapestry of magic, joining with Neptune here – enhancing spirituality, faith and connection – a recipe for miracles.

The Sun also enters Pisces in February, showering the light of the divine.

And in March the New Moon in Pisces gives in-depth sensitivity and perception.

Later in the first quarter, Venus will enter Pisces, infusing love and beauty to this safe space in Pisces

On New Year’s Day, we are blessed with a trine between the Sun and Uranus

⁃ A beautiful sprinkle of wishes, new ideas and a new chapter.

2 Jan we have a Super New Moon in Capricorn- grounding this energy in us and the New Earth.

(Be sure to do connection/grounding meditations over this time )

Remember this Capricorn energy is awakening our friend Pluto – ready to deeply transform those who embrace this energy.

Also, the USA is approaching its Pluto return – massive transformations for this country predicted, and international ramifications.

Also, on the 2 Jan Mercury enters quirky Aquarius, bursting with new ideas and excitement.

These ideas and plans could have a slow start due to joining the Father of Time, Saturn here and Mercury goes retrograde on 14 Jan.

⁃ considering Venus and Uranus are also in retrograde, maybe just keep an open mind and take everything in its stride.

Fortunately, the Sun will enter Aquarius this month to light and pave the way here.

On 17 Jan, we will have a magnificent Wolf Full Moon in Cancer, in her own palace

⁃ creating a nurturing, safe space.

⁃ a time for rituals, intentions, Goddess energy

⁃ Blessings to your homes, mothers and children

There will be a dance this year between Venus and Mars that we feel strongly about.- initiated by the new Scorpio- Taurus eclipse season (rebirth/ comfort)

The dance of Venus and Mars is that of masculine/ feminine, action / receive, yin/ yang

⁃ Capricorn (groundwork, dealing with the past)

⁃ Aquarius (could be stifling Venus crowded by Saturn and Mars – a good time for journaling and patience)

⁃ Pisces (Magical, a true blessing, intertwining with Jupiter and Neptune)

⁃ Aries (Action – put all hard work into action, step into new reality)

The Nodal Axis Shift has moved the North Node into Taurus (comfort, harvesting). This is our future life path and destiny – Ruled by Venus

The South Node is now in Scorpio. This is our past, past lives and Karma (rebirth, “ rise of the Phoenix )- Ruled by Mars and Pluto.

As we finish this quarter, Jupiter and Mars exchange energy and gifts in Aries.

This is a massive boost in confidence

⁃ “Nike just do it”

⁃ Shoot for the stars in this quick chapter of opportunity

(NB: Important groundwork for the rest of the year)

I wish you all the best for your New Year, may you be showered with these blessings

Much love,


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