Working for the Great Healer

Have you been injected? A month or two ago I would have wanted to know, but now my question is: Does …………….

Is the Time Right Yet?

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world. Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside? Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything ….

Disillusionment and Hope

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us. All our role models have failed us.

2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger

We have made it this far. The year of the ox is complete. That ox is bone tired of ploughing the field day after day, month after month. The seeds have been planted and we have entered the waiting time –

Moving from Darkness into Light

Written by Elsabe Smit

Currently there is a lot of talk everywhere you turn of humanity moving from darkness into light. It is easy to attach …………. Read more